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Green Hill Update 

Pastor Daryl Crouch

July 7, 2020


I’ve just finished reading through Acts again in my devotional time. And again, but this time more profoundly, I’m struck by how so many things shifted under the feet of the early followers of Jesus. The advancement of the Kingdom and the proclamation of the Gospel required them to walk, to keep moving with the Holy Spirit.


And He led them into new relationships, new territories, and new cities. They faced brand new challenges, solved problems they had never had to solve before, and forge new relationships with people they had never noticed before. The same Holy Spirit that directed their steps empowered them to do whatever it took to make much of Jesus, plant churches, and make disciples. 


As we expected, re-opening the church is not for the faint of heart. Tending to health concerns, loving our neighbors, shepherding our congregation, and honoring local leaders are all in our sights as we’re inviting other people to follow Jesus and live for His kingdom with us. 


  • So here are a few changes in our schedule:Beginning this Sunday, July 12, will meet for worship in the sanctuary only at 9 am and 11 am. We may re-open the Fellowship Hall venue at a later date, but for now everyone will worship in the sanctuary.
  • You do not need to register for worship. This was helpful as we re-opened, but is no longer necessary. We will have plenty of room for everyone who comes.
  • Social distancing, wearing masks, and clean hands are still encouraged.
  • Beginning Sunday, July 19, we will offer Preschool Care (Birth-4 years old) for the 9 am and 11 am worship services only. We will provide a link on our website for you to register your child so that we can prepare well. Childcare workers will observe all recommended safety protocols. 
  • We encourage those who feel more comfortable to continue to join us Live Online at greenhillchurch.comor on Facebook or YouTube at either 9 am or 11 am every Sunday. 

It’s our hope to provide a safe and encouraging worship experience for everyone who wants to join us on campus each Sunday, and yet continue to provide online access and engagement for those who prefer to keep a distance. 


In Other News

  •  LifeGroups, like always, are where the best disciple making happens. So stay connected to your group. Find ways to interact that make sense. Have a backyard cookout. Meet for coffee. Zoom together. Whatever it takes, walk well with one another as you walk in His Word.
  • We are working to launch a few new LifeGroups in August. So if you’re not currently connected to a group, please email Layne Hartz at layne@greenhillchurch.com and we will pass along information soon about new opportunities to engage with a new LifeGroup.
  • NextGen Ministries remain central to our mission. As local schools are finding their way, we too are working to discover the best ways to help kids and students to follow Jesus. We are certain programming will take on a new look and new schedule, but we are as committed as ever to raise up the next generation of Jesus followers who will live for His kingdom.
  • The Church at Glenwood: Because Davidson County has moved back to Phase 2, and due to the number in the Glenwood congregation who are more vulnerable, we have suspended in-person worship gatherings throughout July, and we’re inviting them to join us again online each Sunday.
Also, early this year (pre-COVID), we began conversations with a church plant from The Summit Church in Raleigh, NC that was preparing to plant in Nashville this year. Derrick DeLain is the pastor of this future church called Proclamation Church. This church’s vision is so similar to the vision of The Church at Glenwood that we began praying and considering what it would look like to partner together in this venture. So prayerful conversations continue, and we will keep you posted on progress. Until then, you can check out a brief promotional video from Pastor Derrick here: https://proclamationtn.com/
  • The personal work of ministry has never been more important. We love big events. They engage a lot of people in one moment. They draw attention to what God is doing in our church family. And they are fun! But the “meat and potatoes” of Gospel ministry has always been individual Christians sharing Jesus and loving our neighbors. So please prayerfully consider what that looks like for you and your family. Look around you. Who are your neighbors? Coworkers? Classmates? Family members? Do they know Jesus? Are they connected to a local church? How about inviting them over for a burger? Asking them how you can pray for them? Or having a Gospel conversation with them this week?

Every pastor and church I talk to these days is facing unique challenges. Consensus is impossible to build. Future planning happens in fits and starts. And leading and caring for our congregations has never been more tenuous. But in the same breath, we recognize this is a moment of incredible opportunity to seek the Lord, focus our efforts, and love our neighbors—all for the glory of God. 

So thank you for praying, thank you for encouraging, and thank you for your faithful commitment to one another and to this wonderful calling of hope-giving in Jesus Himself!

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