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Green Hill Update - 5.11.20

Introducing Pastor of Worship and Communications

Pastor Daryl Crouch

As strange of a season we are in, God is still at work. 


Several months ago we began searching for a Pastor of Worship and Communications. Just before COVID-19 changed our plans, we identified a candidate we were excited to introduce to you. For obvious reasons, we all stepped back a little, prayed, and waited on the Lord for more clarity.


So today, I’d like to introduce Cameron Morris to you. Cameron was born in Evansville, Indiana, grew up in Arkansas in a pastor’s home, and is a 2014 graduate of Belmont University. He’s married to Brooke, and they have one son, Jensen, born in January 2020


Most recently, Cameron served as Associate Pastor of Music and Administration at Barton’s Creek Baptist Church in Lebanon from 2015-2020. Brooke is originally from Watertown, Tennessee, a 2014 graduate of Belmont University, and a registered nurse. 


Cameron will come on board in a part-time capacity beginning May 18, and it’s our hope and expectation to move him into a full-time capacity later this year. His responsibilities will include worship leadership as well as overseeing communications, including our website and social media platforms.


As we begin gathering again soon, you will have the chance to meet Cameron, Brooke, and Jensen; and we will walk through a formal ordination and affirmation process as well.

For now, please pray for Cameron, Brooke, and Jensen as they join the mission of Jesus with the Green Hill family.

Green Hill Update - 5.1.20

COVID-19 Phases for Reset

Pastor Daryl Crouch

As the governor’s office begins to remove restrictions and the economy begin to open up, we are prayerfully considering the next steps for Green Hill Church. In this update, you will find our priorities and what we think is a pathway forward: 

Priorities and Perspectives

1. Gospel Mission

A lot has changed lately, but our mission to make disciples of Jesus who live for His kingdom is still the same. That mission, not a virus, motivates us and shapes our decision-making. 

So we are asking questions like, “How can we equip the people of Green Hill Church live on mission during this season?” “What are the opportunities that these challenges give to us to fulfill our mission?” “How can God use these difficulties to grow us in grace together?”

Although our schedule has changed, our calling has not. We can still live on mission to share Jesus and make disciples who live for His kingdom.


2. Governing Authorities

In light of Romans 13 and many other biblical instructions, we are compelled to pay attention to our local, state, and federal leaders and to seek to honor them and the work they are doing on our behalf. We invite you to pray for our leaders and do what you can to help them be successful.

3. Health and Safety

If we love one another, we will care about the health and safety of one another. So we are watching the trends in our community as well as creating processes to comply with CDC recommended protocols for gathering. 


4. Unity of the Fellowship

Individuals and families have unique dispositions regarding health and safety issues related to this virus. Some are more cautious, and others are less cautious. Regardless of our perspective, unity of the fellowship is still a big priority. According to Jesus, it is our unity that bears testimony to the legitimacy of the Gospel. This kind of God-honoring unity requires heavy doses of grace, mercy, and kindness as we put the interest of others above our own.


5. Flexibility

There is still great uncertainty about what the next few weeks will look like. Restaurants aren’t sure of how much food to order. Retailers aren’t clear about how many employees will be needed when the store reopens. Everyone is living in a tunnel of ambiguity at the moment. 

For our church, that means we must be nimble. While we have a hopeful timeline for phasing our ministries back in, we really do not know for certain when and to what level our ministries will be allowed to reset. So the “COVID-19 Phases for Reset” chart we’ve provided does not have specific dates, but it does provide general expectations for the next 8-12 weeks.


6. Evaluation and Innovation 

Although we did not want this virus, this season does give us the opportunity to evaluate and reset our ministry. When the tornado devastated our community in early March, people who were previously uninvolved stepped in to help. In a similar way, this new environment gives people new reasons to connect and join the mission of God.

So it is not our goal to “get back to normal.” We have no intention of walking through this and coming out the other side unchanged. Instead, we want to evaluate our ministry, and then learn, grow, and develop into the church the Lord intends for us to be. 


7. Perseverance

Transitions are often difficult, but it seems the transition we are in now will take time. One pastor I respect is planning for a 6-24 month period of transition. He may be right and he may be wrong. But even if it doesn’t require 24 months, we believe we will be dealing with the impact of this virus for many months to come. So perseverance, tenacity, and “long obedience in the same direction” are essential. As we walk in step with the Holy Spirit, he will not only direct our steps but He will strengthen us to take the next steps together.

8. Practical Considerations

In order to comply with health and safety recommendations, such as social distancing and the use of masks, gathering for worship in short term may not be the most encouraging experience for those who participate. Additionally, our entrances and foyer areas are limited in capacity. For those reasons, our pastors do not feel it’s the wisest thing to do to move ahead with corporate worship gatherings just yet.  

Plans and Phases


We hold this plan very loosely, but here are four phases that will serve as a guide.



We’re hoping that we move through the first two phases in May and enter Phase Three in early June. Again, we hold these plans loosely. 


Caring for One Another


We know many people are affected in various ways by COVID-19. If you or someone you know loses their job, is diagnosed with the virus, or has some other need, please call the church office at 615-758-7238 or email Renee Reed at renee@greenhillchurch.com. If it’s easier, use the Help is Coming! form found at greenhillchurch.com.


If you are not connected to a church family, and are interested in learning more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him with a faith family like Green Hill Church, please complete this Connect Card and we will give you a call. 


Your Perspective


We would love to hear from you!  So we’ve attached a Congregational Survey at the end of this update that will help us understand your perspective and inform our decision-making in the weeks ahead. Please take a moment to complete it by May 8. We've been apart for a while, so it will be good to hear from you and know how you are thinking about this situation.

In Closing


From the confined quarters of a prison cell, the apostle Paul wrote these words, “But everything that was a gain to me, I have considered to be a loss because of Christ...Not that I have already reached the goal or am already perfect, but I make every effort to take hold of it because I also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3: 7, 12)


Not a prison cell, not the loss of freedom or health or opportunities, but it was the redeeming work of Jesus that compelled Paul to “make every effort to take hold” of the goal of the upward prize in Christ Jesus. 


In the same way, although we are affected by our circumstances, we are motivated by the gracious work of Jesus in our lives. So let us press on, even with limitations, because Jesus has taken hold of us, rescued us from the dominion of death, and sealed us by His Spirit until He returns! 

 Click Here to Take the Online Congregational Survey

Green Hill Update - 4.20.20

Pastor Daryl Crouch

Re-Opening Church

There’s a lot of talk about when we will be getting back together. In this part of the world, the direct impact of the Coronavirus is beginning to level off, and we think there are some reasons to be optimistic. 

So here are a few factors we are considering:

(1) Government Action

As governing authorities make decisions, we will pay attention. We not only want to honor our leaders, but we believe, in this case, government agencies have access to very accurate information.


(2) Health and Safety

The welfare of our church family and our neighbors remains a top priority. Church, by design, welcomes the vulnerable. Many of our church members and attenders are above 60 years old. Other people may be in a high-risk category as well. 


(3) Ministry Environment

While small businesses, for example, can manage a small and steady flow of customers, most of the work churches do happen in groups. So as we consider what “opening up” looks like for our church, we will consider how to keep group sizes small, how to maintain social distancing, and procedures for appropriate cleaning. 


(4) Prayer-Saturated Wisdom

The question is not necessarily, “What are we allowed to do?” but “What is the wisest thing to do?” So as we consider the weeks and months ahead, please pray we will all walk in wisdom as we honor the Lord, love our neighbors, and live on mission with Jesus. 


In planning for the summer months, we have cancelled Vacation Bible School (scheduled for the first week of June), Fuge Camps for students, mission projects, and all other large group events. We are looking into the best way to reschedule or modify some of these events for later in the summer or fall. So please stay tuned for those details. 


Our pastors and staff are in regular conversations about how and when we may “roll out” ministry activities. Re-opening will most certainly be in phases and will likely take on a hybrid (online/on-campus) approach. I’ll be joining a webinar today on the subject and our network of churches continues to produce helpful resources as well. So we are working to get the best information and counsel available to help us shepherd Green Hill Church well during the months ahead. 


Changes on Our Ministry Team

In November 2016, Marty Duren came on board in a bi-vocational capacity as our Groups Pastor, and he has served us well. Not only has he shepherded our adult LifeGroup leaders, but he has been an integral part of our elder group and staff team providing oversight and care for our entire congregation. 


After securing a new position with the Great Commission Collective, Marty approached me in January 2020 with the sense that his new employment would not allow him to continue serving in a staff role as Groups Pastor. While he and Sonya will remain a part of Green Hill Church and Marty will continue serving as a church elder, he will step away from his staff role on April 30


We’re all thankful for Marty’s ministry, and I’m personally grateful for his friendship and investment in Green Hill Church over these last few years. His leadership and insight have helped all of us follow Jesus more faithfully. 


Please pray for the Durens and cheer for them as much as you can in this season of social distancing. Cake and punch to follow as soon as possible!


A Final Word


We know these are unique times and that we cannot meet the way we would like, but the church is not closed. Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit resides in every born-again Christian. 


So let me encourage you to draw near to God. Ask Him to work in big ways in your heart, home, church, and community. Walk in step with the Spirit as you see and respond to the needs of other people. Pray for your church family and your pastors. And expect the Lord to do wonderful things that shape Green Hill Church into a healthier, more God-glorifying, Spirit-filled, Gospel-centered, people loving people than ever before. 

Green Hill Update - 4.14.20

Why We're Not Gathering

Pastor Daryl Crouch

April 14, 2020

There is a microscopic virus called COVID-19 that spreads through microscopic particles of human secretion. Although very serious, this virus is not always deadly, but it can be for people among the older and immune vulnerable population. Not since the Spanish Flu of 1918 has the threat of a virus impacted our way of life so profoundly as COVID-19.


A few weeks ago, churches and church leaders were faced with the decision to meet or not to meet for Sunday worship and other large gatherings and ministry activities. Our pastors met one Friday afternoon on a videoconference to discuss our options. Early conversations centered around how best to care for our congregation and to love our neighbors well. If, indeed, this virus spreads rapidly with no known anti-virus, then the best thing we could do was to minimize the risk by staying away from each other.


Just last weekend, I received a report from a church in Florida that typically has less than 150 attenders on Sunday. Apparently, they met for worship after the outbreak began. As of last weekend, this church has had 33 members test positive for COVID-19, 10 are currently hospitalized, 20 are recovering, and 3 have died. 


We weep with those who are weeping today. By God’s grace and out of an abundance of love for friends and neighbors, our pastors ultimately chose to suspend worship and ministry gatherings, close our church office, and encourage people to stay home. Although it was the right decision, it was a difficult one to make, and counter intuitive on many levels. 


A few days after our decision not to meet, however, federal as well as state governments began issuing recommendations. Ultimately, a safe-at-home directive was given by our governor, which in essence, closed non-essential services with the hope that people would stay at home. As a church, we continued to suspend gatherings to put others first, care for the vulnerable, show love of neighbor, and to honor our leaders.


We have not viewed the efforts of Governor Lee or President Trump as overreaching. We pray and trust they are making the best decisions they can make with the information they have; and they are asking churches to cooperate with their efforts. We believe that is important.


More recently, there have been a few reports from other states where government authorities have attempted to close churches that were conducting drive-in services. In at least one case, law enforcement officers were documenting vehicle license plate numbers of attenders who were participating in those or similar activities. This kind of practice violates religious freedoms. If grocery stores and hardware stores were closed as well, and authorities were applying these practices uniformly, then we could understand the state’s enforcement measures exercised toward churches as well. But when churches and church practices are uniquely targeted, those enforcement measures not only violate religious freedoms, but they set a dangerous precedent for the future.


These are difficult and unprecedented circumstances, and we will honor the authorities over us. But the government serves no one well when it infringes on religious freedom. On the other hand, the church fails to honor the Lord or love our neighbors when we eschew the good-faith efforts our governing authorities make to protect us in a time of crisis.


Easter Sunday was difficult. Each passing Sunday we are unable to meet wears on us all. The sacrifices are real and their effects will ripple well into the months ahead. So we very much look forward to the day we will be back together singing, praying, encouraging one another, listening and responding to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, observing the ordinances, and serving the Lord and one another arm in arm.


Until then, we pray. We pray the Lord would show Himself strong as the Healer for those who are hurting. We pray for local churches more vulnerable than our own. We pray for marriages and families trying to hold things together. We pray for those for whom isolation creates emotional and mental health challenges. We pray for our governing authorities. We pray that in our weaknesses, we would be strong in the Lord. And we pray the Gospel will go forth in power igniting revival and spiritual awakening.


Prayer is the first and most powerful thing we can do, but that’s not all we can do. We can also care for one another. Isolation naturally turns us inward. We can make choices, however, to love our church family and our neighbors. Write a note. Make a telephone call. Bake a cake and deliver it. Leave an inexpensive “I’m thinking of you” gift on someone’s front porch. Face Time or Zoom friends for coffee and conversation. Reach out to lost people with winsome text messages, helpful articles, or start a Facebook group for seekers and skeptics.


As much as we can grow in our faith and learn during this time, none of us like this. Personally, I don’t like it at all. So you may ask, “When will we open for worship again?” I’d love to give you a start date, but I can’t. We just don’t know. We’re hoping that some activities can begin to open in May or early June. No one, however, knows the day or hour. (I know. I couldn’t resist.) 


But rest assured, as soon as we believe meeting together is safe for others as well as for ourselves, we will gather, we will raise our Hallelujahs, and we will say with one voice that Jesus is Lord of all!


Until then, be faithful with what has been entrusted to you. Be big with God. Grow in grace. Live and give generously. And make disciples of Jesus wherever you’re stuck. 


I can’t wait to see you soon!

Green Hill Update - 4.7.20

Pastor Daryl Crouch

“For I passed on to you as most important what I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4


This is the Gospel and this is the reason for our hope. We are an optimistic people, not because we do not see and experience the difficulties of a sinful, fallen world, but because Jesus our Lord defeated sin on an old, rugged Cross, and there’s an empty tomb that announces the victory!


The devastating realities of sin were the backdrop of Jesus’ last week and His sacrifice. Yet He would not be denied. Death had no power over Him. So while Jesus’ disciples cowered in apparent defeat on Friday and Saturday, Jesus stepped out of the grave on Sunday morning as the risen King of kings and invited them to the celebration.


Jesus still invites us to the celebration. Although the news reports are grim and progress seems slow, our Lord Jesus is alive, He still reigns, He is near, and He is coming again! So don’t let trouble wrap itself around your heart. Instead, look to Jesus who is our Living Hope.


Now for a few updates:

1. Celebrate Easter With Us!

  • MidWeek Connection (Easter Edition) - Wednesday at 5 pm
  • Students Live - Wednesday at 6:30 pm
  • Good Friday Service - Friday, April 10 at 6 pm
  • Resurrection Sunday Service! - April 15 at 10:30 am
  • Kids and Students, please send Ms. Layne your Easter Celebration photos to layne@greenhillchurch.com!

2. Drive Thru Food Pantry - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm

3. LifeGroup Connect on Zoom every Sunday morning at 9 am. 

If you need to find a group or need help getting your group online, please reach out to Marty at marty@greenhillchurch.com

4. Three Ways to Keep Giving

  • Online at greenhillchurch.com/give
  • Mail your check to Green Hill Church, 13251 Lebanon Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
  • Drop off your check at the Drive Thru on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 4-6 pm

Currently, our offering receipts are approximately 70% of budget requirements. We have cut all non-essential spending, and we trust God to provide for our every need. Please continue to give faithfully and as generously as possible through this time.

5. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In ways not seen in a very long time, we are learning to engage and serve our neighbors in practical ways. Please take this opportunity to build new relational bridges with the people closest you. While we keep our distance, we can still reach out through texting, phone calls, notes, and flyers we leave at the door. Be prayerful, be creative, and be intentional about connecting with your neighbors. People are open to genuine relationships and Gospel conversations like never before.

Also, please copy and share this Help is Coming! Form https://greenhillchurch.com/help-form. It’s a great way to show Jesus’ love and perhaps share the Good News!

6. Summer Plans are Changing

As you might have expected, Vacation Bible School, FUGE Camp, Kids Camp, as well as our scheduled mission projects will likely be cancelled, postponed, or modified in some way. Please stay tuned for details!

7. Observing the Church Ordinances Wait for Now

We celebrate two ordinances of the church: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. I may provide more lengthy explanations later, but we believe these ordinances are not designed to be private or family celebrations, but that they are intended to be celebrated by the gathered congregation. We know and respect other churches and individuals who are making different choices, but for now, we want to wait until we can be together to observe these special symbols of our shared faith in Christ.


8. Preparing for a New Normal

We really do not know when we will be able to gather again for corporate worship and large group ministries. When we are able to meet, we expect there will still be restrictions on the size of the gatherings at least for some time into the future.


What we are praying and considering is how “church” will need to change going forward. We don’t think of this like a pause button, but more of a pivot. So our expectation is not simply to do what we’ve always done, just do it digitally now. Instead, we believe we will need to re-think and re-imagine and re-tool how we do ministry into the future. We don’t have clarity at this point, but we are asking the Lord to show us the way. And we are believing that He is using all of this for our good, for the advancement of the Gospel, and for His glory!

9. New Sermon Series Begins Sunday, April 19

How We Live Now: Christ-Centered Clarity in a Season of Confusion, A Sermon Series from Proverbs

Green Hill Update - 3.30.20

Pastor Daryl Crouch

“A day will come for rebuilding your walls; on that day your boundary will be extended.” Micah 7:11


Pestilence and pain come to us for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes suffering comes from the Lord as an instrument of discipline, and at other times it is simply the result of living in a fallen world where sin, Satan, and evil still have influence. Either way, there is no suffering that comes to us that does not pass through the hands of our Heavenly Father.


And like the perfect Father that He is, the Lord God never leaves us alone in our pain. Pain is never the endgame: reconciliation and restoration are His aim.


So while these days are tough and will get tougher, the Lord is with us. He is calling us to Himself, and His aim is to restore, rebuild, and to extend our boundaries for the name and fame of Jesus.


As we begin this week together, consider these three important shifts in our thinking as Green Hill Church:


Shift #1: Short-term thinking to a long-term strategy


In these first few days of this pandemic response, we moved quickly to get online and create systems for the delivery of biblical content and for providing care to our congregation. We’re still working it, but I’m so thankful for our staff and volunteers who have labored tirelessly to assist us to make this possible.


We will gather again for worship and LifeGroups. I’m excited about that, but church as we know it will change. I don’t know exactly what that means, but we should prepare our hearts and minds for church ministry to take new forms in the future.


Shift #2: An attendance motivation to a critical care motivation


We have a few metrics that help us track how many people watch our Sunday livestream, but we really don’t know the extent of our reach. Beyond each of us inviting friends to watch, we are really in no position to control that. What we can control is the ministry we have to our neighbors.


Sickness, death, and financial pain are coming to our town. Our family members and neighbors will be impacted. All of us will be affected, so the focus of Green Hill Church must shift from how many people gather on Sunday to how well we serve needy people around us.


We will re-open our Drive Thru Food & Supply Ministry this week. Pastor Rickey is leading the way on this along with a handful of volunteers. Safety is a big concern, so volunteers will be limited and will follow proper protocols. If you would like to volunteer for one shift this week, please  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


We expect other ministries to emerge, so stay tuned. We can prayer-walk our neighborhoods, discover and meet specific needs, and make phone calls. The larger point is that how we each serve the elderly, the single mom, healthcare and other essential workers, and how we come beside people who are hurting must drive our decision making.


Shift #3: A large ministry menu to a narrow ministry priority


In normal days, we do a variety of things in order to reach our neighbors and expand our capacity to make disciples of Jesus. Our mission has not changed, but the circumstances do not allow us simply to do the same things we’ve always done in different ways.


For example, we can offer an online worship service and we can keep our LifeGroups connected through online meeting rooms, but that’s just about the limit of our “regular programming” that’s possible. And even that falls short.


Many churches are scrambling to “keep things going.” I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind that and the desire for normalcy, but attempts to do what we normally do will limit our ability to do what must be done in this moment.


Shift #4: The approved 2020 Financial Plan to a Modified Financial Plan


We began 2020 with an annual budget of just over $1,000,000. For the last three Sundays, we’ve averaged about 67% of anticipated receipts. Just as everyone else, we are adjusting planned expenses. We are also exploring options associated with the CARES Act. And gratefully, we have reserved funds on hand.


The financial impact, however, on Green Hill Church and many other churches will be significant. We will get through this. A year from now, we will look back and be able to see how God preserved us and provided exactly what we needed.


For now, our responsibility is to be found as good stewards of this situation and of the resources God has given to us. So please continue to give faithfully and sacrificially. You can do that now at greenhillchurch.com/give, and you can always mail your check to 13251 Lebanon Rd. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.


More than anything else, pray for God’s perfect provision. And pray we will have faith, wisdom, and courage to make the best decisions to serve the purposes of God in this season. The Lord will see us through.


The Close


Easter is coming! It’s going to be different, but Jesus is still alive and we have much to celebrate. We will have a Good Friday Service online on April 10 at 6 pm and an Easter Sunday Livestream worship service at 10:30 am. More details are coming later this week.


The Lord God is good and His mercies endure forever. He is faithful and we trust Him to rebuild our walls and expand our borders during this important time. Thank you for your prayers and your faithful partnership in this Gospel work.


Green Hill Update - 3.24.20

Here's a great opportunity for

you and your family! 

Getty Family Hymn Sing LIVE | Tuesdays at 7:15 PM CT

Join the Getty family tonight on Facebook Live at 7:15 PM CT for a special time of devotion and hymn singing from their home in Nashville.

This week’s songs include All Hail the Power of Jesus’ NameHis Mercy Is MoreChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathConsider the Stars and It Is Well

Follow the link below to learn more and to download a free lyric book with this week’s song lyrics to help your family sing along!







Green Hill Update - 3.23.20

Good Afternoon!


He [The Lord] will cover you with his feathers; you will take refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield. -- Psalms 91:4


Today we live with great confidence in the faithfulness of our God. He is our Healer, our Helper, our Provider, and our Wisdom. He guides in the desert and restores our souls in the valleys. Like no other day in recent history, we have the opportunity to trust Him and see His deliverance that people everywhere will put their hope in Jesus.


So please know that the Green Hill pastors and entire ministry team continue to pray for you and that we are committed to help you grow in intimacy with Jesus and live on mission with Him during this time.


Many of you have reached out and said, “We’re praying for you. How can we help?” First, thank you. Your prayer for us and for one another is so important. Second, here are few ways you can help:


1. Stay connected to each other. Take personal responsibility to reach out to your fellow LifeGroup members, ministry partners, and people who sit near you in worship. Now more than ever, everyone is a minister.


2. Take advantage of online resources as opportunities for personal growth and encouragement and as easy invitations to others. 

  • Livestream Worship every Sunday at 10:30—Visit greenhillchurch.com or find us on Facebook Live. You can watch live or later, and you can always share the link.      
  • Students Live Worship every Wednesday at 6 pm.
  • Kids resources available via email.
  • Midweek Connection with Pastor Daryl will be available every Wednesday at greenhillchurch.com or on Facebook and YouTube.

3. Prayerfully consider creative ways you can minister to others and engage in meaningful Gospel conversations. We’re all distancing ourselves, but the Gospel is not held captive. Maybe God would want to use your healthcare or educational background. Maybe He wants to use your technical expertise. Or maybe you’re just good at running errands for people. Seek the Lord and see how He could use you to invite other people to follow Jesus.


4. Give faithfully and sacrificially. These are difficult days for everyone, so all of us doing what we can will make all the difference. Our giving for the last two Sundays has been just over half of the amount required to meet operational needs. We do have reserves, for which we are grateful, but sustainability will likely require both significant cuts in budgeted expenses as well as sacrificial giving from all of us.


So first, pray for God to provide exactly what we need. He is our Provider. Second, pray about how you should give. Third, give online HERE or mail your check to 13251 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.


5. Join in as we pray Psalm 91 every day for 91 days (#91for91). God is our refuge. He protects us from trouble and in our trouble. And He exalts those who seek Him. Pray for the Lord’s favor on our neighbors, our community, our nation, and our church. Pray that we will become a people that honors Him. Pray that these days will ignite revival and spiritual awakening that people everywhere will trust Jesus as Lord.


Finally, as you may know, the church office is closed until further notice. Our ministry team is still hard at work, so if you need anything at all, please visit greenhillchurch.com for contact information.


Pastor Daryl Crouch

Green Hill Update - 3.19.20

Dear Green Hill Family and Friends,


Uncertain times and unfamiliar challenges are not new for the church of the Lord Jesus. 


Just as schools are built to educate the uneducated, just as hospitals are built to serve the sick, and just as auto mechanics open shop to repair broken vehicles, the local church exists to offer hope and help to people who need hope and help. This is our moment!


Green Hill Church stands as a beacon of light that is shining bright throughout our community during these unique, but important days. I’m so proud of how our ministry team and volunteers have stepped up to serve the most vulnerable among us with food, ready to eat meals, and baby care items. It’s been incredible to watch so many of you show and share the love of Christ in tangible ways.


Our congregational routines have certainly changed, but our mission of making disciples of Jesus who live for His Kingdom has not changed at all. We can’t gather together at this time, but you have already shown that we can still live to make Jesus known in our community and around the world. 


Here are few important updates as we prepare for the next few days:

  1. Sunday Worship will be live online on Facebook Live this Sunday, March 22 at 10:30 am. Just click this link and gather with your family as we sing, pray, and open God’s Word together. We will continue our sermon series Jesus’ Last Week with a message titled The End of the World as We Know It. You will want to read Mark 13 to prepare. 
  2. Adult LifeGroups will meet via Zoom technology on Sunday morning before our Livestream Worship. Connect with your LifeGroup leader for details, and then take the opportunity to invite your friends to join you. As isolation grows heavier on all of us, a Zoom LifeGroup gathering can be a welcomed invitation for friends, co-workers, and neighbors. If you don’t currently attend a LifeGroup, but would like to connect to a group, please email Groups Pastor Marty Duren at marty@greenhillchurch.com and he will hook you up! 
  3. Students will meet via Instagram & YouTube Livestream on Wednesday night, March 25 at 6:15 pm, and then they will meet in their small groups through Zoom at 7:15 pm. If you have questions or have students who want to connect, please contact NextGen Pastor Casey Colter by emailing casey@greenhillchurch.com.
  4. Kids Ministry will continue as well through pre-recorded worship services accessed through a link parents will receive through email. Look for added bonus discipleship resources in that email as well that will help parents and kids walk with Jesus during these days. If you don’t receive the email or would like to be added to the email list, please email our Children’s Worship leader Layne Hartz at layne@greenhillchurch.com.
  5. Several months ago, Green Hill Church subscribed to an amazing resource called RightNow Media. It’s a video platform much like YouTube that is filled with Gospel-rich, practical video content for adults, students, and kids. It’s completely free to you, but you will need to email Renee Reed at renee@greenhillchurch.com to receive an email invitation from RightNow Media. 
  6. Stay connected through our social media channels. By liking our Facebook page here and subscribing to our YouTube channel here, you will get update information that will encourage you in your relationship with Jesus and connect you to opportunities for fellowship and ministry. 
  7. Be smart, avoid unnecessary meetings or gatherings, and then pray that the Lord would destroy this virus, protect us from sickness, heal those already sick, and provide for healthcare workers and others who are caring for the sick and vulnerable. 
  8. Give faithfully and generously. The threat of this virus will affect all of us financially, but here are a few important things all of us can do: 
  • Trust God as our Provider. He is faithful, and if He provides for the birds fo the air, He will certainly provide for us.
  • Pray for one another and for our church. Pray for employment opportunities to grow, for economic impact to be limited, and for people to continue to give sacrificially to Green Hill so that we can continue to serve our neighbors well.
  • Give online here or mail your check to Green Hill Church 13251 Lebanon Rd Mt. Juliet TN 37122 

As I close this update, let me encourage you to take a look at Psalms 91. You can find it here: http://read.csbible.com/?book=psalms&chapter=91. Beginning Sunday, I’m asking that our church join with many other churches in our community as we pray Psalms 91 for the next 91 days. The Lord is our refuge. He is our dwelling place. So we trust Him to hear us and to rescue us so that we may glorify Him. 

Green Hill Update - 3.16.20

Happy Monday to You!


I hope you were able to join us on Facebook Live Sunday. If you missed it, you can find it on Green Hill Church’s Facebook page or at greenhillchurch.com/sermons. 


These are interesting days, but they are days that are ordained by God. We are in His good care, and we can trust Him. Like no other time in recent history, the church of the Lord Jesus has an incredible opportunity to show and share the hope of the Gospel to our neighbors and to the world.


Our ministry team continues to work diligently to serve you and our community well during this time. We are making a number of decisions regarding the next seven days, the next four weeks, and the next eight weeks. 


At this time, we do not expect to conduct any gatherings on our campus through March 29, 2020.  That means there will be no Sunday or Wednesday gatherings through the month of March.


In light of these schedule changes, here are a few important priorities:


  1. Stay fresh with Jesus. He is our light and our lives are hidden in Him. 
  2. Take care of yourself. Avoid large groups, pay attention to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  3. Serve your neighbors. Check in on people. Offer to serve those who shouldn’t get out in public. And pray for one another.
  4. Connect with your LifeGroup. Our Groups Ministry is the key link for ministry now and always. So whether it’s through calling, texting, Zoom calls, or an occasional cookout, do whatever you can to make sure you’re nurturing meaningful relationships.
  5. Look for divine opportunities for Gospel conversations. People are uncertain; we are not. Our hope is in Jesus and the people around us need to hear the Good News of the Gospel. 
  6. Make sure you and your friends are on our email list. Join our Facebook Group HERE and then be sure to watch our FB Live events. 
  7. Give faithfully and generously. We are certain of God’s provision, but He works through our sacrifice. So for us to serve our community well, we need you to continue to live and give generously. To give online go to greenhillchurch.com/give or mail your check to 13251 Lebanon Rd. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. 


As a ministry team, here are a few things we are working on:


  1. Weekly Devotion and Prayer Guide.  Nothing is more important than our intimacy with God. So we will provide resources to encourage you to deepen in your walk with Him.
  2. LifeGroup Resources for Adults, Students, and Kids. We are working on LifeGroup resources from The Gospel Project for your kids and students, as well as similar resources for adults. More information this week as we iron out the details.
  3. Leadership Development. There are wonderful online resources available through our pastoral team as well as through RightNow Media and other online resources. Expect links to some of these in the days ahead.
  4. Serving Opportunities. We will continue to keep our Food Pantry and Meal Distribution open. We will keep you aware of these and other volunteer opportunities as we serve our city together.
  5. Mid-Week Bible Study. Each Wednesday, we will post a video online intended to encourage you in your walk with Jesus as you live on mission with Him.
  6. Sunday Facebook Live Events. Like last Sunday, we will provide an online worship event each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Please pray for us, invite others through texting and social media, and then join in with us.


Dear church, these are important days for us to grow in our dependence on God, to learn to hear His voice more clearly, to pray for healing and help, and to discover new ways to show and tell the Gospel with those who are near to us but far from God. This is also the time when our love and care for one another grows, when we’re more sensitive to people in need, and more ready to speak words of life and hope to those waiting for a good word. 


Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you in this great Gospel work. You are loved. Jesus is Lord!