Southern Europe

May 11-19 | Cost-$2,000

GHC is partnering with a missionary team serving a Southern European country to reach North African and Middle Eastern (NAME) refugees. Some of these people have come from Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. These mostly Muslim people face a language barrier, poverty, and discrimination. The team works with a refugee center to minister to the physical needs of the people. The team hopes to reach Muslim refugees with the gospel and ultimately start a NAME church in the area.

Mission Trip Dates – May 11 – 19      

Size Limit of Team – Limited to up to 6 participants. All participates must be over 18 years.

Proposed Work – Possible activities include: assisting at the Refugee Center, prayer walking, entry/evangelism activities, hospitality, clothing drive assistance, teaching English classes or art classes, assisting hosting events, women’s event, sharing meals with refugees. This team will likely be walking 5 or more miles per day.

Cost – $2,000 per participant